The best Thalassemia blog

Monday, December 7, 2009 actually in Pakistan!

I’ve been conducting a search lately to find the best blogs on autosomal recessive genetic diseases. Naturally, there are many good websites for all of these diseases. All one has to do is look at Wikipedia to find a clearinghouse of research/awareness websites.

Blogging is a different animal though, and I’m still working on a comprehensive list of blogs for the Autosomal Recessive Disease Spectrum (ARDS). However, while you wait on that list to be fully populated, take a look at Thalassemia Free Pakistan. It is quite possibly the most active blog around dealing with the disease. Here’s why I like it:

1. They have a mission: The title itself tells you everything. Yet while it’s goal is to rid Pakistan of Thalassemia, the information contained on the blog can benefit anyone dealing with the disease.

2. It is well-organized: It is clean, sharp, and organized. I liked the layout of the blog and how the writing is put out to the audience.

3. They have a story: The original creator of the site (Mr. Salman Mehmood) passed away recently. This tells you two things about the story behind this blog. Number one is that they have a reason to fight against the disease because the creator suffered with it. Secondly, they now have a mission to keep it from killing anyone else. I hate to use the word martyr regarding a disease, but the fact is that a man who gives his life fighting to free an entire country of a disease is a cause almost anyone can get behind. Mr. Mehmood's sister, Ayesha (also a Thalassemia patient) now heads up the efforts at TFPak.

So, if you have happened by the Strides blog because you did a Google search on Thalassemia, then you are welcome to glean what you can from this blog, but may I happily point you in the direction of Thalassemia Free Pakistan? You’ll find so much more valuable information there. I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend it. And I heartily do!