Exceptional Family Member Party

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I am so grateful to the folks at Lincoln Military Housing for hosting a Christmas party for those of us who are EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program). The party was held at the Admiral Kidd Club on the Sub base on Point Loma in San Diego. They had a wonderful roast beef dinner, a candy bar for the kids, and Santa even made an appearance! The group also gave each child in attendance a Christmas gift or two.

Really, I'm astonished and pleasantly amazed. Lincoln did an outstanding job of making those of us with special needs in our families feel respected and cared for. For one night, no one judged, no one asked "what's your disease?" and no one wondered if they belonged. We all belonged. Every family in attendance had a reason to be there, and it yet that reason wasn't celebrated, berated, or otherwise discussed. It was a night of food, fun, and celebration of the season.

To Lincoln Military housing, you all did more than I would have imagined possible. Truly, you went above and beyond the call. Tonight we didn't worry about cystic fibrosis...we just had fun. THANK YOU!