3 Things Mario Kart Taught me about Fundraising

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've been writing some heavy stuff lately, so for the weekend, I want to present a lighter topic for discussion.

Our son got his dream present on Christmas morning this year: A Nintendo Wii, complete with Mario Kart. I freely admit that it has been exciting to play and watch. Yet as I think about fundraising, I can see how Mario and his gang of speedsters could be great fundraisers. Here is my list of reasons:

  1. Mario Kart is a popular staple: Mario didn't come on the scene yesterday. He's been around for decades via NES and SNES, etc and Mario Kart has been here since the SNES. It's a reminder to me that this year isn't the only year I'm raising money. We're here for the long run. Our goal is to increase our fundraising each year and make great strides in the progress against cystic fibrosis.

  2. Mario Kart leaves an impression: Long before we bought the Wii and Mario Kart, we would go to Best Buy, Circuit City, and other stores, and honestly be astonished. I enjoyed how clean and simple the game is. It has left an impression on me since it came out. I want to do that as well. Even if someone doesn't give to the foundation yet, I want to so impress them that they consider it later on. This is what building awareness is all about!

  3. Mario Kart is entertaining: So often, I went to that heavy-hitter who enables and empowers people to donate to the cause, but the fact is, Mario Kart wins people over by being fun. It's not that everything I need to say is entertaining. Cystic Fibrosis is a serious deal, but sometimes its ok to laugh, like when you get nailed by your own bob-omb.

So those are the three things Mario Kart has taught me about fundraising. Thoughts?


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Love this post!

Alicia said...

Oh, you're having fun over here, I see. I need to make time to write something on this blog!