Numbers don't Lie

Friday, March 28, 2014
Alicia and I were very confident going into yesterday's PFTs (Pulmonary Function Test). Samantha has been very literally bouncing off of the walls for the last few days and her oxygen saturation numbers have been at her baseline (95 or above) during the same time. The only thing we needed to have bounce back were the disappointing PFT numbers, which were at 80 on Monday, a saddening 20 points below her norm (100).

She's been doing so well we thought she was on the mend. In addition to getting an antibiotic via IV (or PICC line after Wednesday), she was also getting four breathing treatments daily (double the norm). Suffice to say, we thought the numbers were going to be fantastic yesterday.

As Alicia pointed out in her post, the PFTs did not go as we expected. I may have been a little more reserved than Alicia (I thought she'd make back half of what she lost-to the low 90s). Alicia thought she'd be close to baseline. Why did we think that? Because our daughter is climbing on things acting like a wild animal!

All it means is that there is still more healing to do. Numbers do not lie. It's disappointing because, as Alicia also pointed out, the hospital here only does the PFT testing twice a week. Our next test will be on Monday.

If the doctors talk about this issue on their morning rounds today then I'll update this post. Until then, it's more antibiotics and treatments!