Mom's Intuition?

Thursday, March 27, 2014
I need to start finding out how other hospitals work, but CFers at our hospital only do PFTs on Monday and Thursday.  This can be such a bummer because if you don't hit that magical #, you know you're here for another 3 or 4 days before you can even test again!  Well, Monday's pfts (see last post) revealed we would be here for a while, but Sam is doing SO well we were hopeful to see a leap!  In fact, I was so bold as to "predict" this morning to Dan that she would hit the 90s, possibly upper 90s.

My mom's intuition was WRONG!  Hasn't been the first time and won't be the last, I guess.  I'm very grateful Sam's not dependent on the accuracy of my intuition!

I requested no cyproheptadine this morning so there would be no chance of sleepiness because of medicine.  She was alert and happy, listening to everything the RT told her to do.  She was giving all of her effort to the PFT, a test that is fairly complicated.  Everything was set to give her the best odds possible.  

And yet the highest FEV1 that her lungs would produce was 81.  It's so discouraging!  That's only 1 point up from Monday, which had an after-albuterol score of 80.  I asked the resident if we need to 1) change to a stronger antibiotic or 2) add steroids.  I expect to get the answers to those questions tomorrow morning at rounds.