Cystic Fibrosis Palestine

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Alicia and I raise money and awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, headquartered in the United States. While many of our posts will deal specifically with that organization and our part in it, we have come across something that needs our attention now.

As you know, the Gaza Strip is in crisis. Israel has been bombing Hamas targets in the strip for the last six days, and Hamas has been returning fire by rockets. This is very disconcerting for those of us affected by cystic fibrosis. While we receive very good medical care in the developed world, most, if not all, patients in the Gaza Strip receive very little in the way of life-giving care for CF.

On December 22nd, I received an email from Ms. Christine Noke, the Executive Director of Cystic Fibrosis World-Wide (CFWW), detailing the needs of CF Palestine. Over the next several months the CFWW will be gearing up for its mission in Gaza, and I was going to be passing any information I obtained on to you. However, when Israel began it's air offensive on the 27th of December this topic became much more urgent.

We will be following the story as it develops in Gaza. Please keep our fellow CFers in your thoughts and prayers in the Gaza Strip. We'll keep information coming as often as we can.