Poll Results...And New Poll!

Thursday, September 17, 2009
We closed out the poll right after the discussion on health care, but I wanted to wait a bit before writing about it because I wanted to be prepared to run another poll.

75% of respondants said that they favored a public option. I was a bit surprised by that number to be honest. 25% responded that they wanted something new, but not a public option.

I gather two things. First, that the respondents wanted change. That goes without saying. However, I would also submit that the poll showed us that, as far as CF patients (and/or loved ones) are concerned, then most beneficial change is with a public option...governement health care.

So now it's to a new poll that we turn. I'd like to know what I can cover best for the remainder of the year regarding cystic fibrosis. I've thought of a few topics that interest me in writing. Now I'd like to get your take on it to know what you'd be interested in reading. This helps focus the blog and gives you a chance to say how you feel about it.

Here are the options:
1.  Fundraising ideas: I've read a number of blogs about fundraising and while these ideas won't all be coming directly from me, it is something that helps us to get to "Cure Found", so I'm very interested in covering it if it will help.

2.  Drug development: This is the other side of that spectrum...where the money we raise goes to make better treatments and hopefully, someday, a cure.

3.  Advocacy: I usually post any time one of my senators or congressman respond to something I've written them, but would you like to read more on the political side of CF? I would do my absolute best not to be politically motivated, except as it relates to finding a cure. 

4.  Living with CF: We write about this periodically...but I would like to incorporate the stories of other CF patients if I went in this direction.

So take a moment to think about what you'd like to see and cast your vote! Everyone counts!


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