Hawaii Great Strides

Friday, June 12, 2009

I had hoped, at one point, to hold a sort of "mini-Great Strides" for the part of Team Sam that was on my deployment with me since we couldn't be in San Diego for the Great Strides there. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get it put together, which is something I need to learn more about. Fortunately, I got to meet Russ and Sherry, and their wonderful little girl Rachel, who has cystic fibrosis on a recent stop on Oahu.

Sherry essentially ran the Hawaii Great Strides, which technically falls under the same local foundation that Alicia and I do in San Diego. She and her husband Russ more or less spearhead the local group of parents.

Hawaii was the first Great Strides walk of the year, taking place on the 28th of February. Sherry took over late last year and got it together for a great event. The picture above (Sherry and Rachel are on the bottom left) is of the volunteers from that day. Russ was on deployment at this time.

In Russ and Sherry, I got two great blessings: First, I met someone as dedicated to ending this disease as I hope to be. Secondly, as a military family, they understand what I go through because they go through it.

It was such an awesome time. I was so blessed to be with them and I hope that my travels take me across thier path again!