How to Recruit Team Members PT 1

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
One of the things I did this year was expand the team of fundraisers on Team Sam in order to counteract the effects of the recession. This hopefully will pay even bigger dividends in the coming years as the economy brightens and people give more to our larger team.

One of the ways I have hoped, and still do hope, to increase the number of teamates on Team Sam is to recruit people who gave larger sums to our campaign last year. Now, this doesn't necessarily translate to larger sums overall, but rather a large sum for their economic ability. For example, one sailor who is two ranks below me gave as more than any other rank in the Navy that donated to our team last year. I asked him to join our team and he accepted happily.

So my thought, and my topic for discussion, is: Does this form of recruiting work for you? Have you recruited from your donor list before? And if so, was it successful?