Sleepless in Milwaukee, PT II

Monday, March 24, 2014
I realize that I'm writing now not so much to report to the greater CF community about what's going on as I am to make sure I report everything that happens to Alicia without (a) calling her in the middle of the night and (b) not forgetting anything.

Since I went back to sleep around 2:00am, Sam has had her second antibiotic dose. That was around 3:30am. Periodically before that her O2 saturation monitor would go off and the nurse would come in. At each time, she'd up the amount of oxygen coming to Samantha, or have her cough, or reposition her, or a combination of the above. Sometime around 3:00am, she had the Respiratory Therapist (RT) come in. He's a likeable guy. A little odd. I find that most of them are. He noticed a little issue with her right lung, but not serious yet.

Anyway, by 4:00am the antibiotics were done, but the beeping was getting more consistent. It seemed that we couldn't get her into the mid-90s. In fact, by 4:15 or so, we couldn't get her into the low-90s!

Around that time, the nurse decided to switch her to the cannula (O2 hose that sits in the nose). I talked Sam through it and after a few minutes, she was sleeping again. But no change. Even with 3.5 litres of oxygen, her saturation was below 90. Doctor called, and at 5:00am, the doctor called for the RT. The nurse lowered her oxygen to 3 liters because it was uncomfortable for Sam and clearly wasn't making much of a difference.

It's been a long night.