Diagnosis Day PT II: PFTs

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Last May when we were admitted, Dan and I swapped almost every other night and that brought great comfort to Sam so we’re doing that again for the most part. Due to the timing of day commitments as the week goes on, it made the most sense for Dan to stay the first night. I arrived around 11:30 or so this morning and they had moved her pft time up to 12:45 from 1:40. Earlier the better to me!

She had energy until it was time to go pfts and then she was exhausted again, falling asleep in the wheelchair down to pulmonary. I know she’s sick, but I believe the true culprit of this is her cyproheptadine, a medicine we have a love/hate relationship with because it helps increase her appetite, but makes her very tired AND emotional. Not the place to be when doing pfts!

I think the pfts were probably pretty accurate, but unfortunately it’s hard to know because if she wasn’t yawning, she was tearing up because we wanted her to blow strongly another time. Three weeks ago her pfts were 100, today they were 78. That’s not good. They gave her an albuterol treatment to see if there would be any change, and the best # we could get was 80. They will have to at least hit 90 to be released, so we’re getting comfortable. We haven’t heard from the doctors since the pfts, but we expect to be here at least for a week.

Hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow.