Refusing Enzymes...

Friday, December 25, 2009
Who would have thought it would happen on Christmas Day! I believe we saw today a new first for Samantha: She refused enzymes! I don't think that's really happened before. To be fair, she had been off all day, and remained that way until finally falling asleep. But that is only an underlying issue...

It was at breakfast. We had just finished opening the gifts and I offered Sam her enzymes (she takes 4 Creon 10 per meal). She shook her head and claimed the enzyme pills hurt her throat. We told her that she needed to drink more juice with each pill in order to get the pill to go down faster, but she still refused.

Admittedly, I went into father mode. "Sam, I can't let you eat breakfast until you take your enzymes." I even pulled her yogurt and spoon away from her plate. "I love you honey, and you need these enzymes."

She took it hard. Eating is a big deal, and she'd never been refused food before, at least not that I can think of. But here she was, being told she couldn't eat unless she took her enzymes first. Sam started crying, I got frustrated, and tried unsuccessfully to get her to cave in. Alicia finally got her to take the enzymes by coaching her through it, something that didn't dawn on me. I was in crisis mode...not much thinking takes place in crisis mode...just action.

I'm grateful that Alicia had a calmer head than I did, and I spent part of the day regretting my actions. I know I could have just taken the pills apart and sprinkled them on her yogurt. Or used applesauce, etc. But I knew that she needed to take the pills or it would set a precedent that I didn't think would be a good one. Thankfully, lunch and supper were not a problem and I think we're through that.

Has your child ever refused enzymes? How did you get them to start taking them again? Did you bribe, threaten, or something entirely different?