Reconditioned Lungs for Transplant!

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Take a look at this news article, especially those of you who have had the second breath of life through lung transplants. I think this represents a future for us who deal with cystic fibrosis. I say "a" future because THE future for those of who who struggle with CF is found in a cure, but until that happens A future we can grasp is through reconditioned lungs.
I didn't know that 4 our of 5 potential donated lungs (at least in the UK, where this research was done) were unsuitable. Already this year I've read blogs or heard about CFers who have passed on waiting for new lungs. Guess it makes sense in light of this article.

But that's the point. If they can recondition and salvage lungs previously declared unsuitable for transplant, then maybe we can change the endings to at least some of those endings. As a father, the last thing I want to face is knowing my daughter needs a transplant but can't get one because there are no lungs available. This is a way, at least for now, to fix it.

The doctors in this study treated the damaged lungs with a solution of nutrients while the lungs were set up to a heart bypass  machine. The damage was significantly reduced and the lungs were even put into a CF patient! The article said that the UK and Canada were involved in this type of procedure, but not America. Does anyone know why that is?

We need to be pursuing this. The article quotes a doctor saying that we could be providing twice the number of available lungs for transplant if we started this process. Here again is the article: Swap Success with Salvaged Lung.

Please share your thoughts on this prospect!


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