Fundraising in December: Stair Climb Event!

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Team Sam participated, by way of members of the USS Antietam 1st Class Association, in the 2009 Stair Climb in San Diego. I was very happy to be joined by three members of our 1st Class Association, Tony, Steve, and Greg. We didn't raise much money as this was mostly a show of support and we use Great Strides as our primary fundraising vehicle. Still, we had a great time and Greg even walked away with 3rd Place in number of climbs!

Here are the four of us, Steve, Tony, myself, and Greg (l-r).

This is how a big man stretches!


Here's Greg getting ready for his 3rd Place finish!

Stacy Motenko at the San Diego CFF sent out an email that said the event raised over $30,000 for CF research. I'm so glad that it worked out well!

By the way, photos are courtesy of Nancy, who is Tony's wife. Thanks Nancy!