Cystic Fibrosis Newcomer

Monday, November 16, 2009
One of the changes I'm making to the blog over the next several weeks is to create a section, or label as it were, for the newcomer. I know that Alicia and I went on a feverish manhunt for information right after we found out we were CF parents. Well, I want to create a storehouse of information, inspiration, and advice for newcomers to the CF community here on Strides.

My first post on that will be about what I think the two most important parts of the CF Foundation website is. That will post this week.

Alicia and I have been in the CF community for a little under 4 years. That really still makes us CF newcomers. We are constantly learning every day what it means to live with CF, or rather what it means for our little girl to live with it. So I write about this topic because I represent this topic. If what I cover can help anyone, then the task is a success.