H1N1 and us!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
We're now waiting on my Congressman's office to get back to me on the specifics of our upcoming interview, assuming it can still happen, so stay tuned for that.

Timothy developed a fever on Sunday while I was on duty, another reason I don't like being gone from the family. At any rate, the fever by Monday was hovering around 102-103. Alicia called Balboa Naval Hospital and after some discussion, they wanted him in the ER.

By the time Alicia and I got to the hospital (she and the kids from the house and me from the ship), Sam's doctor already knew about the situation and had already essentially directed the course of action. Before even seeing Timothy, the doctor said, "I already know the treatments we're going to use." This was just based on the symptoms. So Tamaflu for Timothy as an anti-viral medication and alternating Motrin and Tylonol.

Without hesitation, they are treating this like it could be H1N1. We don't know if that's what it is, because apparently the CDC isn't having hospitals actually find out, but it's definitely the flu of one variation or another. Since it's early in the season, Sam is the only one to have her flu vaccination, and she doesn't have the H1N1 vaccine.

Because of that, Sam is being given smaller doses of the same Tamaflu Timothy is being given to build up her system to fight it. We're doing everything we can to keep them from sharing germs right now, but it's a tough one. Our kids share everything! On most days, that's great because it shows they love each other, but right now we need them NOT to share!

Ok, this is crazy!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Keeping kids from spreading germs is hard! I know. My Sam(uel) went down with a cold about Thursday, Ellie followed a couple of days later and Ben has the congested nose with red eyes today. I'm hoping it will pass soon without a trip to the dr. But, given your situation, I think starting Sam(antha) on preventative meds is SMART!!

Dan said...

Stephanie, that fact alone is one of the reasons we like Sam's doctor. He told us from day one that he treats every condition aggressively, and he hasn't let us down. This is a great example of it.

Thankfully, Timothy is doing better today and will hopefully continue to get better. I hope your little ones do too!