Best Fundraising Blogs

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
I've been looking high and low. I've searched Google blogs and I've googled the term "fundraising advice". And most blogs and websites either want to sell me something or they give advice only at the foundational level. So my very simple request for you all is to help me build a blogroll of the best blogs to go to for fundraising. 

What I'd really like to see are blogs that help the individual fundraisers like myself. So if you subscribe to any such blogs, or know about them, please let me know in the comments section!

I will go first by pointing out a blog that I've learned about over the last few weeks which gives advice that I believe we individual fundraisers can use. It is A Small Change and is edited by Jason Dick. I was most impressed a few days ago when I left a simple comment on the blog, hoping to get some advice on an issue of fundraising. Not only did I get one, but I got several! Clearly, not only does Jason have good posts, but he has good readers as well. Head on over and check it out!

But before you go, let us know who you read for ideas and advice!


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Walkathon said...

Hi. I have a blog that helps people plan walkathon fund raisers. It's at I hope that posting here will help me find people who might benefit. Thank you!

Dan said...

Hey, keep coming back and commenting! I'm sure folks will be looking at it, and once I get a chance to do so, I'll take a closer look as well! I have never planned a walkathon or a running event, so I have lots to learn! Probably why I'm not doing that now.