Upcoming Health Care Discussion!

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Next week we will finish the Summer Knowledge Project. Coinciding with that will be a discussion on the current American Health Care Debate. Now, since I don't want to politicize this blog more than I already have (through my advocate posts), I won't call this a debate. In fact, I hope it won't be a debate.

What I would like to see next week is as many people as possible comment on what they would like to see in a revamped American health care system, whatever that may be. I would especially like the to hear from those who are dealing actively with a disease or know someone who is.

Please help me get the word out about this. If you wouldn't mind, please just post a note on your blog next Thursday about the discussion with a link to our blog. I want as many people to take part as possible!

What: Strides to Cure Found Health Care Discussion
When: Thursday 3 September 2009
Where: Strides to Cure Found Blog

Tell your friends!


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Please educate me -- and perhaps others among your readers. I know what CF is. I remember when children with it 30 years ago when my daughter was in intensive care. For some reason, I thought that there HAD been a cure discovered. Not so, I guess. So, what is the prognosis and how has care changed? I will be happy to put Samantha on the prayer list on my blog.

Katey said...

i will post a link on my blog...looking forward to the discussion.

Dan said...

We're not going to do this in the end. I need to update my post. Please don't link.