It bothers me more when I'm gone...

Sunday, June 7, 2009
I can't help it.

When Samantha is sick, especially when it involves coughing, I get worried. Who of the parents (and maybe you adult CF'ers out there) doesn't get a little concerned when your child starts to cough?

Try listening to it on the phone when you're roughly 5000 miles away.

This isn't to get sympathy, I promise, but just let me be concerned for a few minutes and hurt a little for my baby-girl. Sam was coughing almost all weekend and it bothered both Alicia and myself. It had gotten bad enough that Alicia put in a call to the doctor, who has ordered some extra treatments and told Alicia to call back.

I am so grateful that, even when I'm on deployment, Alicia is strong and takes care of my daughter. Just the same, please allow this twinge of pain as I listen to my little girl cough without being able to do anything but pray...


Cindy said...

I can only imagine how hard it must be on you to be so far away, and feel like there is nothing you can do for Sam. Hoping that she gets well, and it doesn't turn into anything big. (although that is relative with a CF'er, isn't it?)

Tell Alicia to hang in there!

Dan said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts! We are hoping to hear good news soon as Sam will be in the doctor's office this afternoon.
Thank you again for this great comment! I'll post a comment on her condition as soon as I find out.

Dan said...

Hey everyone...quick update...Sam is going to be fine. She was sent home with the assurance that she's good to go. She just needs a week or so to get over whatever she has.