Using a Newsletter to keep donors Informed

Thursday, January 15, 2009

When I was a single man, long before blogging was cool or really even available, and when I was meeting new missionaries almost every month, I sent out a letter to churches and missionaries that supported me through prayer. It wasn’t anything big; usually just one page once every few months updating “my readers” on where my travels had taken me and who I had met. It was a very crude attempt at having a newsletter.

<>I don’t expect to even consider a newsletter until after I get back from deployment, but I was curious about whether some of you do a newsletter for your supporters or if you use the blog exclusively for that purpose.

Personally, I like the idea of doing a newsletter, maybe as a quarterly or even semi-annually issue to thank donors for their efforts throughout the year and help drum up support for future events.

Yet if it isn’t worth it, so to speak, I probably won’t do it. What do you think? Do you use newsletters? If so, why? If not, why not?


Christy said...

Hi –

I ran across another CF family’s blog yesterday and it’s brought me to an entire world of CF blogs! I have an eleven year old daughter with CF (and an 8 year old daughter w/o). I hope you don’t mind if I start following yours!


Dan said...

Welcome! You're absolutely welcome to follow the blog and to interract! We're glad to have you in the community.


Katey said...

I don't do a newsletter, per se, but I do send out a letter after Great Strides is over thanking each of my donors and walk participants. I give them a breif overview of how the walk did, and remind them of how thankful I am for their support! I get a lot of nice comments from these letters, and I think that the letter makes them more willing to donating the next year.

In my letter that I initially send out, I give an update on myself and briefly what's going on in my life; remind my supporters of CF and who the team is in honor of, etc.

I think a newsletter is a great idea though!!