Gaza Strip Update: Situation Desperate

Sunday, January 4, 2009
I just exchanged emails with Mr. S. in the Gaza strip again last night and found out some disturbing news. There is no electricity or water where he lives, but they are afraid to leave the house unless the CF patients are very sick because of the war. There is a hospital nearby, but they are afraid even to venture that far and many of the CF patients are spread out over the country.
As the Israeli campaign enters a new stage (ground war), I am concerned for the lives of our CF friends over there. War is not pretty, and now that I understand this disease a little better, I can see how it would be affected by a long campaign in the Gaza Strip. We need a quick resolution to this fight.
I don't pretend to think I can stop the Israeli campaign, or the Hamas rockets. I'm just airing my feelings for a few minutes and then I'll get back to writing about awareness, fundraising, and hope. That last word is tough for me to type regarding Gaza.

I don't want to guilt anyone. I know most of us are either working on our own fundraising programs or paying for our own medical expenses, but a web page has been set up to raise money for Gaza at this link. Please, even if you can't give to this, send it to your friends and family. Perhaps they can give a little.

We're going to donate our second recycling run to the Gaza patients.
To read more about my conversations with Mr. S, click on the Gaza archive link.
Here again is the CFWW fundraising page: